GxG – Urbanize your outfit

Born and raised in Belgium and passionate about everyday fashion accessories, Gemini bracelets and GMTRY watches have created a unique collaboration.

Having known each other since university, the founders of both brands were excited to find out they were working on similar projects. GMTRY just launched its watch brand, inspired by everyday urban environments and geometrical architecture. Gemini is already more established and well-known for its trendy bracelets.

GMTRY’s minimalist watch designs, combined with the interchangeable straps, truly complement the authentic artwork of Gemini bracelets. That’s why both brands decided to join forces. When worn together, they help you stand out in the urban crowd.

Prepare to mix and match your GMTRY watch and your GEMINI bracelet(s) in a way that suits your personality, your mood or your outfit. Anything goes! Be sure to checkout the lookbook below for more inspiration. Our unique products are available throughout Europe, helping you look cool and fresh.

What is in it for you?

To celebrate this unique GMTRY watch & GEMINI bracelet collaboration, we will set you up with a great 20% discount code that can be used on both our websites at checkout:


Now all there is left to do is to visit both our shops via the links below and claim your discount!


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