GMTRY: How it all started – Part II

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

GMTRY – from the idea to a real product

Creating our own watch brand seemed way easier in our heads then it was in practise. Excited to make it happen, we started drafting, drawing, googling and brainstorming. To find inspiration we went through our travel photos from around the world. That’s when it hit us and GMTRY was born. Our photos reminded us the cities we visited, neighbourhoods we explored, the people we met and how it made us feel. We wanted a watch that would be a combination of urban architecture, design and bring the same feeling of exploration as traveling does.

The unique buildings and everyday hangouts in Antwerp inspired the first set of our watches. We found a place to make them and teamed up with fellow watch-enthusiast, Oliver to get them out to you. That’s how the journey begun … more soon!

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