GMTRY: How it all started – Part I

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It all started with an idea

Sometimes it seems that everyone wears the same clothes and uses the same brands to accessorise. But who wants to look like everyone else? We for sure don’t.

And a problem

About a year ago,  after 10 years of wear and tear, my watch died. It might seem trivial but for me it wasn’t just a watch.  I decided to keep wearing it for show telling everyone around the battery was dead and I hadn’t found time to replace it. Everything because I couldn’t find a decent looking, affordable watch that was different that what others were wearing.

Looking at the watch market for guys, there just isn’t that much to chose from. You can either get an average looking watch owned by half of your friends or an expensive watch that costs an arm and leg. Months had passed when I finally found my old watch again, lurking behind the counter of the local watch shop. As I walked by 3 – 4 times, I was getting ready to go in, give in and finally just buy the damn thing.

Before I had a chance to cave in I talked to Miguel, one of my best buddies. He had experienced a similar story with his own watch and knew exactly how I felt. That’s the moment it dawned on us. What if we design our own watches? Would that be possible? What would it take? What should they look like?

Every idea needs people

Miguel seemed like a perfect partner in crime. We studied together, we worked together (in our day job), live about 200 meters from each other and well now we ended up starting a brand together. We both love exploring Antwerp where we live and its urban spaces gave us an inspiration for GMTRY.

Read more next week: GMTRY: How it all started – part II

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