GMTRY – Winning combination June

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

Hey fellow urbanistas, It’s that again. Time for our winning combination of the month. With the summer season here, days are getting longer and after work drinks are making their ways to our schedules. A good summer outfit will get you to the party, but our winning combination will make you the center of attention, #StandOut … so without further ado …

Winning combination #1: Purple Rain

Watch in photo: Contour dark grey mounted to our grey strap
Dress code: Outdoor summer outfit
Outfit:A black tank top (or tee-shirt), matching shorts and our dark grey contour watch are a sure-fire casual, yet stylish ensemble to make you stand out at those after work get-togethers. Rocking a tattoo sleeve on the arm? Our contour dark grey triangle design will make it really come together.

GMTRY top tip:
Feeling confident? Let’s see if you can pull this off with a red Bordeaux or army green strap. We salute you if you do! Tag us, and show it off on Instagram.

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