Time for RAW GMTRY at its finest

Waddup urban people,

As you may have noticed, it’s been a bit silent from our side the past couple of months. We’ve been out soul searching throughout the city to discover our urban GMTRY. Our journey led us through the urban hotspots of Europe, from posh fashion highstreets to friendly local neighborhoods.

Our roads were lined with trendy coffee shops, charming tattoo places, major food babies and hipster barbershops around the corner.

We experienced the lighter side of cities that most people love, down to the darkest areas kept secret that most people avoid … In it, we discovered our raw self, which we’ll be showing you in the coming year.

Join us on our journey and discover your inner urbanness!

Join us on our journey and discover your inner urbanness!

Chapter 1: Introducing Gun Metal Grey

Where a successful 2017 ended, a new journey started. A journey of soul searching to find our inner self. It all began in one the darker areas in the south of Antwerp. An abandoned petroleum site built in the late 19th century, selling Standard Oil products (known as Esso today).

The site had bloomed back then thanks to the flourishing petroleum industry. What makes this place special, yet dark, is the fact that it was almost completely destroyed in the second world war…

This abandoned site humbled us and became one of our main inspirations for our gun metal series. A strong gun metal grey casing, holding a delicate geometrical pattern; just as the raw steel and metal fences that tell the story of the once booming Antwerp Petroleum industry.

The rawness of the petroleum site made for an inspirational visit and a great place to capture Antwerps urbanness and modern fashion styles on photo.

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